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The first thing she told me was to record our phone call, so I recorded the call with my i Phone as we spoke. Now he was tweeting about the men surrounding my door. “Manal,” she said calmly, “I want you to do something. It will bring them shame if we announce that they’ve taken you from your house in the middle of the night. We should expose them.” I didn’t like the idea of going with these people. The man on the other end assured me, “This guy works for us.

I didn’t want to leave my son and I still didn’t know exactly who was outside. He will escort you to the police station.” My brother insisted upon accompanying me as well, although all the men outside wanted me to go alone, without him, which should have convinced me that something was wrong. I started covering myself with abayas and niqabs before it was even required, simply because I wanted to emulate and please my religious teachers.

Many agreed with Al-Mutlaq, saying his point of view is similar to that of the late Sheikh Abdullah ibn Jibreen, who forbade Muslims from chatting with strangers on the premise that such exchanges would lead to temptation, and ultimately, sin.

powered ministers and businessmen last week.) But activist women have been campaigning for the right to drive for years.

In the shadowy darkness, all we could see were men, crowding around my front stoop, pressing forward. When my brother asked them who they were, there was silence. I’m quite sure that I was the first woman ever to enter the Thuqbah station.

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She gave me the number the lawyer would be calling me from. A woman named Suad al-Shammari, who identified herself as a lawyer, was on the line. He drove around until he saw the cars and the security guards.My friends would text me if they found a clean taxi driver, and I would text them.Almost every woman I know has been harassed by a driver.During the radio session, he cited incidents where women had virtually spoken to men on the Web to give advice on certain issues, only to have the men become attached to them. Al-Mutlaq’s advice evoked several varied responses on Twitter.Most of the sheikh’s followers on Twitter are women who debated the content of his “fatwa” (edict).

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