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Jonathan "Johnny" Michael Carter made his first appearance 26 December 2013. Strike announced in late 2014 he was leaving the role and Strike's final scenes aired on December 25th.After a 14 month absence, it was announced Johnny would make a return to Albert Square, now played by Ted Reilly.As a kid Jonny loved watching the TV Series "Ally Mc Beal", Linda use to let him stay up late every Thursday night to watch it.

Johnny eventually reveals his sexuality to Whitney, who is hurt as she feels that Johnny has been using her.

Linda seems to have finally come round to the idea of Johnny being gay, but she later breaks down over the situation.

Johnny realises that Linda is not fully accepting of his sexuality when she invites Whitney (who she thinks is pregnant) over and tries to set them up, Johnny feels hurt and betrayed and a huge argument ensues.

Linda mentions that Johnny was over the moon with the birth of his little brother and couldn't stop screaming.

Johnny is mentioned on the day of Linda and Mick's wedding (1 January 2016), Linda says Johnny can't make it because he is ill.

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