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But if I were you, I’d cut the bullshit and share the damn bed.” Cue some truly rom-com magic as Nancy and Jonathan go through a little will-they, won’t-they dance before they finally come together in a kiss … But you can’t start a relationship in the midst of a crisis and expect the honeymoon period to last.When the lovebirds return to the Byers’ house, they discover that Will and Joyce aren’t there, but it’s clear that someone else has been because there’s an empty Polaroid packet on the floor.The pairing of Hawkins’ resident heartthrob and the mop-top nerd is at its most deft.The two discover that Dart, who has grown from the size of a chameleon to a Komodo dragon, has shed yet another layer of sticky skin and is now …In an act of foolish bravery, Steve leaves the bus to use his body as bait.But there isn’t just one Dart — there are at least three if not more, and the group is nearly ambushed.

“He doesn’t want me to see that,” Will says, implying that the shadow monster is attempting to keep his Achilles heel a secret.

Will is obviously declining, but having signed her life away in confidentiality forms, Joyce isn’t left with much choice in how to treat him.

With every moment, he’s melding more and more with the monster, channeling its voice to tell his family and the Hawkins Lab team that they “upset him,” in a quivery but threatening tone.

Sent down into the tunnels and guided by the lab’s own miniature Mission Control, the soldiers end up in the graveyard where Hopper was trapped under the monster’s tentacles. But then, a fog just like the one that surrounded the school bus rolls in, obscuring the soldiers’ view.

Within seconds, they’re surrounded by the demogorgons that just hurried off from Dustin, Steve, Lucas, and Max. In the end, Will couldn’t help himself: His conscience won out over the shadow monster and he tried to warn the crew.

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