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In sport, the disproportionate clout of private schoolboys can be seen in the successful proselytising of their chosen religion - rugby - and the now settled law that BOD is God. Not that Brian O'Driscoll isn't great, but only a handful of (mostly private) schools throughout the country play the gentleman's game, nowhere near the number that play soccer or Gaelic.

Rugby is actually only slightly less niche than those other private-school pastimes, tennis or hockey.

The current governor of the Central Bank is an old Blackrock boy.

Even the arts sector, long the province of working-class talents, has lately become colonised by private schoolboys, with all the hallmarks of their ilk: entitled, dapper, and with an iron ambition concealed by velvet manners.

However, since his abdication, the couple are barely pictured together.

A book - 'Juan Carlos: The King of 5,000 Lovers' - published earlier this year, shone the spotlight on his friendships with other women outside his marriage.

It is now a community arts centre and was officially unveiled on July 22 at an event Juan Carlos attended.

We pride ourselves on having greater social mobility than the class-obsessed English, on having a more egalitarian school system than the Americans and their Ivy League, and, yet, still the value of an old-boy background shows itself, with a quick glance at any of the major power centres in our society.The footage was seized upon by a number of mainstream media outlets in Spain - including El Mundo, one of Spain's biggest-selling newspapers, being one of the many outlets to describe the woman as Ms Gaya.Juan Carlos is married to wife Queen Sofia - the couple have two daughters and one son, King Felipe.It was telling that when the heave against Enda Kenny gathered pace in 2010, his perceived-as-posh adversaries - among them, Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney - were quickly dubbed "the Cappuccino Plotters".The moniker stuck, and may have been decisive, despite the fact that cappuccinos are now available and consumed throughout the land.

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