John lloyd young dating

Through more than 400 episodes of one of the small screen's most popular series, DC Lines's trademarks were his moustache, raincoat and expanding waistline as he chased drug dealers, sex offenders and other baddies.

It is not the first time that John Lloyd’s dating life caught the attention of many.

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FOR 10 years, the down-at-heel detective "Tosh" Lines was a mainstay of The Bill, the television series acclaimed for its true-to-life portrayal of the police.

In 1993, an extra weekly episode was added and, three years later, Lloyd accepted the Best TV Drama award on behalf of the whole cast at the National Televeison Awards ceremony.

"When I first read the script breakdown of the Detective Constable Lines character, I felt they were describing me - 5ft 8in, overweight, scruffy and married with three sons and two daughters," recalled Lloyd, who became one of The Bill's longest-running and most popular stars, seen on screen keeping his hunger at bay by eating crisps, sandwiches and cola.

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