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She worried that she might have inherited a tendency to violent behavior and asked Grissom if he thinks there is a "murder gene." Grissom told her he doesn't think violent behavior is inherited.

After her father's murder, Sara became "the girl whose father was stabbed to death by her mother." On one performance evaluation, Grissom gave her an outstanding rating, but said she needed to improve her ability to prioritize.

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When a serial killer was on the loose, selecting victims much like herself, Sara went as far as to offer herself as bait. She decides to pursue outside interests after identifying too closely with a victim who ordered from catalogs and ate take-out ("You've Got Male") which resulted in her having a relationship with Hank.

Sara Sidle was a Crime Scene Investigator at the Las Vegas Crime Lab.

She was the Assistant Supervisor until she left to be with Grissom.

("Bloodlines") While not charged, she was humiliated in front of her supervisor.

She later lost her temper with a suspect, and then with Catherine and Ecklie.

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