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The cadets care for a number of falcons, and any of them can be a mascot (like Apollo seen on the cover slide), but only a white phase Arctic gyrfalcon can serve as the official mascot, and that title currently belongs to Aurora. A Shetland pony was chosen because of its longer lifespan than a quarter horse.

The first Peruna was christened during Prohibition and named after 'Peruna Tonic,' an over-the-counter medicine with a high alcohol content. The current mascot, Peruna IX, was selected as a colt to eventually become the Most Valuable Pony and he officially took the reins during a halftime ceremony in 2011.

Dubs I is an Alaskan Malamute and lives with a family in Seattle.

She is just 2 feet tall and weighs 3 pounds but has a 5-foot wingspan and 'talons capable of crushing prey with 28 pounds of force per square inch.' In 1899, Army adopted the mule mascot to counter rival Navy's goat mascot.

The former ice-wagon-pulling mule was then primped and groomed and presented at the first Army-Navy game at Franklin Field in Philadelphia.

After waiting 129 years for the right girl, in 2013 Temple finally had a live owl on its sideline.

Stella resides at the local zoo, but makes the trip for home games to root on the Owls.

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