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In 2009, Ok Cupid gave the people of the Internet a beautiful gift. A peek into the its massive treasure trove of user data — exposing everything from strange overshares (How much do Twitter users masturbate?) to serious issues (How does race impact the messages you receive? The observations and statistics were catalogued in the blog Ok Trends, written by OKC co-founder Christian Rudder, which started accumulating some 1 million unique views per post. “We always said we were going to relaunch the blog,” Rudder says.On OKTrends, Rudder made ample use of his Harvard math degree, pumping out pie charts and line graphs to bolster observations like, "heavy Twitter users masturbate more often" than light Twitter users and "black people are more than twice as likely to mention their faith in their profiles" as people who identify as white, asian, or hispanic.But the much-loved blog went dormant after less than 12 months. It's augmented by additional data culled from sites like Reddit and Craigslist in an effort to expose the patterns that fascinate Rudder and his data-collecting colleagues.After all, look at all the pretty graphs it can produce!In his conclusion, Rudder says he hopes this is just the beginning, that this science will be further refined and we’ll be able to extrapolate great things from it. But a lot has changed since he started the Ok Trends blog.The online dating service on Wednesday announced a new update that gives users the ability to let everyone know they stand with Planned Parenthood. OKCupid defines it as someone “who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature; behavior of becoming attracted to or aroused by intelligence and its use.” After Charlottesville, Even Dating Apps Are Cracking Down on Hate “We do not tolerate anyone who promotes racism or hatred — it’s that simple,” said Elie Seidman, OKCupid’s chief executive, in an email to The New York Times.

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but with that being finished and about to come out, it was time to restart.” All hail.Rudder has found that white men on dating sites are far less likely to send messages to black women than any other race. Occasionally, Rudder does make reference to what amounts to this extra-civilian status, offhandedly commenting on secretive decisions social media companies make to perpetuate loops of endless likes and faves.Rudder might have written a more useful book about that design process, knowledgeable as he is of the inner workings of the industry.” — appropriate given the collective freakout over Facebook’s June emotional manipulation study — and chronicles times the dating network used its users as guinea pigs.For example, Ok Cupid once told people with a 30% compatibility rating that they were a 90% match, just to see what happened.

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