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"He has already given me a design and the children and I love it," Vicky Cornell says.A location for the statue has not yet been determined, and Cornell is welcoming public input; "He is Seattle's son, and we will be bringing him home and honoring him, I hope, with all of you, your love and support." Toth is best known for a Johnny Ramone statue at the Hollywood Forever cemetery in Los Angeles, where Cornell is also buried.It also may be caused by the fact that the crankshaft carrier support is only pinned minimally in one plane to the outer case.This can lead to shuffling of the carrier: shuffle pinning the crankshaft carrier as is commonly done when prepping an early 911 engine for the track can help the problem.When the bearing does fail, foreign object debris from the bearing circulates throughout the engine, causing further damage to other areas in the engine.On the early cars, Porsche also used a center bolt to secure the IMS bearing that was too weak and sometimes snapped.

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These types of bearings are typically used in devices like copy machines and other machinery used in dry conditions.

It's not uncommon to find a car listed for sale with "new factory engine recently installed" in the advertisement.

No one but Porsche knows exactly how many engines were replaced under its recently discontinued engine exchange program.

If this bolt breaks, then the intermediate shaft begins to float around in the bottom of the engine, and you can soon experience catastrophic engine failure. The seal around the intermediate shaft cover can leak, and it has since been updated and redesigned to prevent leakage.

In addition, the three bolts that hold the intermediate shaft cover are through holes which exit into the cavity of the engine case.

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