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La Harpe quickly determined that it was only a green-colored rock outcropping, but named it "la petite roche" and the name persisted almost a century before a town was established at the site.Other accounts claim that he named the stone the "little rock" in contrast to a mammoth bluff farther upstream at a bend in the river (today the site of Fort Roots Veterans Hospital).Toad Suck, which probably ranks at the top of the Natural State's most unusual town names, was a legendary steamboat landing on the Arkansas River.The site reportedly had a popular tavern where liquor flowed freely. Lynch opened his new trading post in 1846, tradition says he accidentally dropped some cotton seeds while carrying provisions into the new business. Lynch's customers, who started calling it the "Cotton Plant" store.A surveyor for a railroad crew is credited with assigning this unusual town name. Gould was president of the Iron Mountain and Southern when the two railroads met at the site in 1882.

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While some people, especially visitors, are amused by the state's unusual town names, others are attempting to learn and record how communities and landmarks received their identities.In 1811, a band of hunters camped along the White River and staged bear hunts into the dense canebrakes that covered hundreds of acres in the area.Over 100 bears were killed and soon the hunters ran out of a place to store the oil, which was a valued commodity on the world market at that time.In Sharp County, for example, the local historical society is engaged in writing histories about every community and school site within its boundaries.With over 1,300 cities, towns and communities listed on the official Arkansas highway map, the state has perhaps 1,000 other places too small to list.

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