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He was once reported to a counter-terrorism unit after concerns were raised by members of the Muslim community.Bin Salem said Libyan investigators think, based on what Hashem told them, 'the bomber acted alone.'He said Hashem told them that Salman learned how to make explosives on the internet and wanted to 'seek victory for the ISIS.' Salman Abedi may have been part of a larger cell that included Mohamed Abrini, the 'Man in the Hat', with connections to the mass murders in Paris and Brussels.According to The Mirror, Tabbal hated Western songs and wanted traditional drum music to be played during her son Ismail's wedding.The religious mother-of-four was told to leave the ceremony after she expressed her feelings about the music.Details of the call emerged after Miss Tabbal, 50, was quizzed by police in Tripoli yesterday.

There is a no suggestion any of the friends he is pictured with have been involved in any wrong doing After spending five and a half weeks in Libya, the 22-year-old killer tricked his mother into handing him back his passport after his parents confiscated it to make sure he did not abscond.An SDF spokesman said: 'Hashem confessed to being in the UK while the terrorist operation was being planned.And it is clear that he was fully aware of all the details of the [Manchester] terrorist operation.'It is also important to note that Hashem left the UK on April 16 and said he was in constant contact with his brother, the executor of the operation.'The Libyan security force claimed Hashem told authorities both he and his brother belonged to ISIS.Hashem had been 'under surveillance for a month and a half' and 'investigation teams supplied intelligence that he was planning a terrorist attack in the capital Tripoli', the Deterrence Force said on its Facebook page.The Special Deterrent anti-terror force said Hashem was receiving cash transferred from his brother, Salman.

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