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After all, the nature of the job meant any one of them could find themselves in a similar situation.

Earlier that day, September 19, the two soldiers in question — a staff sergeant and a lancecorporal — had been in a beatup local car cruising through the dusty Basra streets on a covert surveillance mission.

Two dozen troopers kitted up and, together with a logistical back-up team, made for the nearby airport and a waiting Hercules transport plane.To the SAS, Basra was a backwater, where its tiny force’s main job was protecting MI6 agents.For the Army there, however, the pressing issue was the loyalty of the local police they were trying to train.The word coming from the top was that there were more important issues at stake than the lives of two soldiers. No wonder that — as the Daily Mail exclusively revealed last week — the SAS came close to mutiny.Its officers talked of resigning their commissions; among the men, there were mutterings about going on strike until the Government showed some bottle.

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