Updating disconnected datasets dating person different culture

This error is caused by missing Statement Dates in the Commission Receipts Ledger.

The error will no longer occur, allowing users to start JCS and correct the underlying problem.

An error, "JCS can't find the form 'Admin Gbl Providers' " could occur after opening the Documents Register from the Product Providers page, and then creating a new document addressed to a Provider Contact. Some users have experienced a "Type Mismatch" error when attempting to log into JCS.

The problem is caused after another user on the network upgrades to JCS version 27.001.08, which makes changes, which are incompatible with previous versions of JCS.

This could, however, cause problems with the word "and", which would also be capitalised, (for example in the Joint Preferred Names field in the Personal Details page).

From now on, if you enter "John and Mary" in this field, the "and" will not be capitalised to "And".

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Recent changes to the format of Fidelity statements caused them to fail to validate when attempting to import them into the Electronic Commission/Fees Inbox.

When opening the Scheme Import Template for a group scheme, which had no members, a message could appear saying "Enter Parameter Value - Scheme Case Number." Clicking "OK" would make this message disappear and the blank report would open, as normal.

This problem has now been fixed, so the erroneous message will no longer appear.

The PEP segment has been removed from the Assets graph in the Financial Position section.

TESSA and PEP related bookmarks have also been removed.

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